Your Favorite Studio Ghibli Film Says About Your Wardrobe

Studio Ghibli needs no introduction. The films of the Japanese animation studio combine a humanistic narrative with rich fantasy elements ranging from the whimsical to the epic and heartwarming to heartwarming. Who can forget the Catbus of my neighbor Totoro zooming in the sky or That Of Princess Mononoke coming into action? As diverse as you can imagine, the works of Studio Ghibli have undoubtedly earned their place in the Anime Hall of Fame.

Here we explore what your favorite Ghibli Movie can reveal about your sense of style! Read on to see how your love for a particular forest spirit translates into a penchant for jumpsuits over old-school Glamour, and why your appreciation for quiet moments over epic storytelling doesn’t mean you have a boring wardrobe.

1. twisted and yet, dark mind

For Fans of dark whims, Spirited Away does the trick. Intertwined with surreal accents, the coming-of-age story is full of strange characters like the angry ghost No-Face and the evil witch Yubaba. If the journey of the heroine Chihiro resonates with you, you will probably appreciate the left panel, whimsical and Kawaii. Leopard print dresses and beautifully colored Cardis are perfect for you, as are silky shirts embroidered with butterflies. Contrary to expectations, you probably own at least one elegant and classic statement piece to compensate, such as a versatile trench coat or a summer dress suitable for the date. What they don’t do is the relentlessly hard cutting edge. Floating bedding and action boots? Check it out. Leather and chains? Pass!

2. Great Energy Kidult-My Neighbor Totoro –

My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most popular works by Studio Ghibli. Fantastic, generous but never simply evasive, the 1998 classic is the Film you loved as a child and that you still make as an mature. Of course, you tend to analyze masterpieces like Spirited Away in academic detail, but it’s the simple pleasures of my neighbor Totoro that will keep you coming back year after year. With its memorable portrayal of the main character, the high emotional content behind the cheesy Animation and Hayao Miyazaki’s striking lyrical touch, this Anime allows you to connect with your inner child. By the way, they also do this with their choice of wardrobe. You probably have an extensive collection of graphic T-shirts to pair with your jumpsuit or mini Denim, and you revel in childish details like oversized buttons, rubbery pendants and cartoon prints on the socks.

3. clear, light and yesterday’s dream

A journey into the past that ends on a life-changing Note, just yesterday is one of Studio Ghibli’s most introspective gems. Instead of an Epic Action between fantastic creatures, the Film is rooted in realism, as it follows The heroine Taeko as she travels to the countryside One summer to visit relatives – a trip dotted with clich├ęs from her early childhood in the suburbs. Moved by the Silent Nostalgia of the film? You probably prefer subtle cuts in vintage patterns like polka dots and ornamental flowers rendered in a pastel palette. Instead of minis and crop tops, you probably opt for cute blouses, dress pants and floaty midi skirts. Never the way to do things in excess, you are always at hand with your set Of accessories, whether it is a strategically placed tortoiseshell hair clip or a straw bag with a feminine touch.

4. Wild and feminine princess style mononoke

With not one, but two Kickass female characters in the form of Lady Eboshi and Wolf Girl San, Princess Mononoke is a love letter to women as fierce as feminine. If this epic story is mainly about the classic Studio Ghibli, there is no doubt that you will enjoy a statement entry and that you will not be afraid to run to the overcome of your own tailor drum. Whether it’s the wild and carefree spirit of Copping San or the harsh Glamor of Lady Eboshi, they’re a Sucker for dramatic but wearable street-style ensembles. From contrast-stitched T-shirts to triple-buckled plaid minis to bright yellow boots, it’s all about delighting people with bold and surprising details while keeping things comfortable.

5. classic silhouettes and Alterna Chic – the wind continues

The rising wind is ruminating, melancholic and emotionally devastating. If you prefer the thoughtful work of the master animator of 2013 to his previous and more energetic efforts, you probably opt for timeless pieces with a dark but dreamy touch. In everyday life, they tend to adopt mature cuts, persistent colors and clean, simple lines, but also indulge in subversive Chic. You are never satisfied with your outfit until you enhance it with something special, be it a cameo brooch or a rhinestone belt! They are mature enough to appreciate the value of a flawless white shirt or a classic shirt dress, but also in harmony with your inner child when it comes to incorporating whimsical details such as a dramatic bubble collar or a Tonal belt with a round buckle.

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