Two Kickass Heroines One Crop Top

Katniss Everdeen needs no introduction. A pop culture icon like no other, the teenage heroine of the Hunger Games sparked and led a revolution with her signature braid still intact. Just like Kickass, but with a very vulnerable vein, Wanda Maximoff, the superhero of mind reading, recently appeared in the Disney + WandaVision series. Alternating glamor and grungy, she goes seamlessly from 50s dresses to 90s flannel as the series progresses through different eras.

How would these two strong women style the same tank top with extremely different cupboards, a versatile must-have perfect for displaying the skin during the summer months? Read on to see if Katniss lives up to her reputation as the queen of utilitarian Chic and if Wanda can fill a slightly airy Look with a dose of Glamour!

Katniss: utilitarian chic with a touch of Greek goddess

In a dystopian world where everyone knows their place, Katniss stands out for her strong will, her pure heart and her bravery in the face of Injustice. She is the ultimate anti-damsel in distress and has an impressive range of skills, from archery to close action to high-stakes negotiations, which allows her to take control of a totalitarian government with explosive results. Katniss’s ability to juggle a softer, gentler side with the outside of a tough girl really makes her a kick. For every opponent she overcomes, there is also someone she takes under her wing, such as an ally on the field of action or a childhood friend. With her love of the outdoors, her contempt for sewing and her refusal to get dirty, Katniss proves that an on-screen goddess doesn’t have to be glamorous or seductive to captivate.

A black cropped camisole, of course, will suit our heroine, who prefers comfortable casual clothes to extravagant prom dresses. Instead of a hoodie or a parka, I chose a feather-friendly denim jacket in anthracite-washed linen, which goes perfectly with these army green cargo pants with removable trouser legs. Black tops and a large bottle green school bag complete this simple outfit. At the same time, I added two key pieces of jewelry to highlight her softer side: a big golden necklace with an oversized lobster buckle and a delicate arrow-shaped earring that highlights her Talent for archery. To seal this hard and soft contrast, I finally included this faux leather version in a girly Clip: the darling.

Wanda: Vintage glamour with a touch of Grunge

One of Wanda’s main charms is her lack of superhero bravery. She never shows her ability to bend time, manipulate space or read minds. In a way, Wanda’s absolute lack of control over her environment and her vulnerability to gossip make her an unforgettable hero. Navigating the harmful of her own mind as well as possible social missteps, she is a witch who can easily distort reality if necessary – but cannot use this power to strengthen her social status.

While Wanda is stuck in a strange reality sitcom through the ages as a suburban housewife, her changing wardrobe becomes a showcase for iconic vintage styles, from 50s ruffled dresses to 70s long dresses to 90s denim jumpsuits. He’s a far cry from his usual Glam-Grunge aesthetic in a red and Black Palette, not to mention his campy scarlet superhero costume. Among the references of the Vintage aesthetic of the series, while remaining faithful to the Kickass qualities of Wanda, I built an outfit around the same simple Crop Top, this time in red. I paired it with a half-high white shirt and a half-long plaid skirt. An imitation pearl choker adds a touch of richness to the Look, softened by slightly airy golden hoops with 70s vibes. To match the minimalist color palette, I added a charcoal gray Acid Wash bucket hat, as well as Burgundy socks and black lace-up ankle boots, all of which have a subtle Punk touch.

Survival instinct

At first glance, Katniss and Wanda seem to stand on opposite ends of the spectrum: one is a prickly teenager with the weight of a divided world on her shoulders, the other is an emotionally vulnerable and clear witch behind a white picket fence. However, they are united by their common qualities of compassion, sincere anger and truly phenomenal powers. The two boldly reshape the world around them in their own style. Against all odds, these heroines know how to survive, and it is this survival instinct that really makes them a kick.

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