Summer Looks from Romy and Michele High School Reunion

What would summer be without turning into bright colors, showing a little skin and walking a little more? If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe in an unconventional 90s direction, look no further than Romy and Michele’s memorable fashion designers from the 1997 Comedy Romy and Michael’s High School Reunion. Glamorous, carefree and adorable, the two best friends reinvent themselves as black businesswomen for their high school reunion-only to return to their soft-colored aesthetics (and their true selves) at the end of the film.

On thick heels, fruit decorations and tight Lamé dresses, our two heroines prove that composing does not mean giving up their style. Tired of Normcore, strict palettes and elegant uptown looks? Read on for all the tips and tricks to inject adrenaline into your summer wardrobe!

Take a tip from our Happy-Go-Lucky Duo and relegate your all-black sets to the back of the closet! A hot summer calls for flattering body parts in candy colors and juicy neon colors. If you’re feeling flirtatious, opt for a buttercup yellow or light azure tennis skirt, perfect for showing off tanned legs. For an outfit that is both attractive and chic, this yellow halter neck dress that channels sunny vibes will suit. Adventurous seamstresses, on the other hand, can consider bright pink biker shorts to make the workout less tedious, or a Patchwork tank top that juxtaposes candy-colored panels with contrasting Punk seams.

Original prints are a sure way to put on an outfit, as evidenced by our two heroines, who skillfully mix them for a vibrant effect. Find the blouse are perfect companions for your activity of the day, whether it is a printed cherry girl for a fruit date, a geometric pattern with a crazy gradient or a superior psychedelic pattern for a perfect date. To get a head start, invest in statement pieces like this cute but thought-provoking combination of sassy flowers that add to the drama while looking simple and airy.

Browse the Romy and Michele jewelry box for cute jazzy Accessories, evergreen gold necklaces and grandma’s beads! The most iconic of them are undoubtedly Michele’s cherry earrings and necklaces, which steal the show in a Movie filled with eye-catching costume jewelry, including Daisy-shaped resin earrings and ultra-wide rhinestone necklaces. Combine the duo’s upovercome energy by adding fruit and candy-inspired pieces to the mix before sealing the matter with heart-shaped sunglasses. Who needs diamonds when you can decorate your rags with replicas of dragon fruit slices or dream candies?

The trend for electric suits is still strong, but it’s always good to soften this Bossbabe atmosphere with a dose of weirdness. Wide cuts and unexpected colors work just as well as sensual details like deep necklines and provocative hems. If your dream is to live Romy and Michele’s imagination and order a “special business woman” in a suit and stilettos, opt for this 2021 update that amazes the 80s Campiness of the set. For a trendy girl’s riff, a Barbie pink blazer dress is a nice Alternative. For the perfect mix Of Alpha energy and Hipster atmosphere, consider using striped shorts or an asymmetrical mini to find the right balance between gravity and seduction.

The duo’s matching lamé dresses, featured in the film’s famous dance scene, speak volumes. Adorned with feathers, candy colors and worn with high 70s-style heels, the Looks are both a celebration of Romy and Michele’s party energy and a testament to their iconic BFF company. In homage to these classic outfits that are comfortably combined between a figure skating costume, a prom dress and a club outfit, I chose pieces that channel the dazzling energy: a short satin camisole, a rhinestone collar, PVC strappy sandals and a metallic shoulder bag with acrylic chain.

Romy and Michele’s return to the maovie scenes of teenagers also offer a bold retro Inspiration! They went through a Grunge Phase (although just as maximalist), with less than perfect colorations. Immerse yourself in Nostalgia by treating yourself to at least one of the following items for a day: a black dress with an asymmetrical cut, strapless knitwear, action boots or, if you are shy, neo-Gothic Accessories.

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