Summer Fashion from Apink Anniversary Single Thank You

On April 19, Apink released the special digital single Thank You to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The Bomi member participated in the writing of the song, which contains sincere words such as “we were with such good memories, this alone is a gift.”The music video pays homage to everything the band has been through, as we see them remembering photo books, albums and portraits from the past, while a retro video camera effect completes the nostalgic feeling. They also create a “fan meeting” where Eunji sits behind a table with the band’s official glow stick and the other members line up to see them. One by one, she puts pink bracelets on them while they exchange “butterfly hands”, a movement popularized by her first song, I don’t Know. At the end of the clip, the members are confronted with a projected video collage of some of Apink’s most important career moments. Each member’s handwritten message to Pink Pandas (the name of the official Apink fan club) is also displayed.

The music video for Thank You shows the members dressed in great outfits faithful to the innocent concept of Apink, while hinting at the more mature Image in which the band has performed in recent years. The MV consists of two sets of bands with fun prints and bright colors – in two distinctive interpretations. Read on for some timely summer fashion inspiration!

Clothes #1
For the first Look, the members of Apink are all dressed in their individual colors: Bomi red, light pink for Chorong, sapphire for Hayoung, green for Eunji, pink for Namjoo and yellow for Naeun. It shows how they have stepped into their own unique roles over the years – while maintaining the cohesion of the group. The days of uniform white dresses in I don’t Know are over. Throughout the video, the girls appear on colorful backgrounds that match their individual colors, and there is even a Montage that highlights the name, color and representative object of each member.

In this first set of outfits, you combine girls’ dresses with cardigans and trendy jewelry, experiment with casual and avant-garde shoes such as high boots, loafers and sneakers. The choice of shoes bases the Looks and makes them wearable with a Girl next door quality!


Bomi is wearing a long-sleeved A-line dress with a red and white floral print and a lace collar. She characterizes the vibrant but feminine dress with a pair of elegant gold earrings adorned with hanging pearls and gold petals. As for shoes, she chooses a proven combination that is suitable for daily walks around the city: a pair of white flat sneakers with white socks.


Chorong’s pink Spaghetti strap sheath dress has a V-neck with lace in a more sensual version of the floral print dress. It was covered with a short and fluffy pink cardigan and enhanced the rich atmosphere with a rectangular beaded claw. Her white mid-calf boots with a contrasting platform and silver Accessories (including geometric earrings, an alloy collar and a necklace with a pendant) add a cool and effortless touch to the richness look.


Like Chorong, Hayoung pairs her dress with her cardigan and pairs a Short-sleeved Ruffled mini-dress with polka dots all over the surface with a navy sapphire ribbed cardigan. The light sapphire pearl necklace earrings add a touch of imagination, while the versatile cream loafers are elegant but comfortable.


Eunji is wearing a sleeveless smoky sheath dress with a ruffled hem and a transparent white cardigan to keep the Look modest. Like Bomi, she incorporates pearls in her Accessories: a pearl necklace with a green floral pendant to complete her dress and a pair of earrings in clusters of pearls in the shape of a unique horseshoe on her head. If you don’t like super girly ensembles, take a page from Eunji’s book and inject some toughness with a pair of tall black lace-up Boots.

Clothes #2

For the second series of Looks, the group ventures into formal workwear with pieces such as trousers, blazers and tweed jackets. Although always colorful, the Palette is more discreet and pastel. In addition, instead of casual shoes, opt for strappy and pointed heels that instantly give the Looks a more sophisticated appeal.


Chorong exchanges her romantic floral dress at first glance for a simple and modern print. Her Orange long-sleeved high-necked plaid top is tucked into a mint-colored miniskirt – an unlikely color combination that somehow works. She brings more color to the mix with retro pink triangular hair clips and a pair of yellow pointed heels.


Eunji’s collared mini-dress with a curved A-line skirt channels the aesthetics of a Tennis star. The purple dress is lined with a bold green contrasting stripe along the collar and sleeves, while its tone-on-tone belt maintains class. With her floral rhinestone headband and her open golden square earrings, she adds playful but glamorous touches.


Reminiscent of Eunji’s purple dress, Naeun’s Fuzzy Purple Cropped Cardigan is adorned with a glamorous rhinestone brooch that perfectly matches her rhinestone heart necklace. She is the image of innocence in a knee-length white dress with a scalloped neckline and a full skirt – perfect for striking! A pair of pointed heels in pale pink complete her princess clothes.


Bomi is wearing a bright yellow crop top with a sweetheart neckline, puffed sleeves and a fitted waist next to pink straight trousers. Women’s Colors offer a new version of office-ready staples. Her delicate golden collar is so thin that it is barely visible, while her more ornate earrings – golden hoop earrings with pearls and hammered rectangular pendants – resemble the ones she wore in her first outfit.


Like Namjoo, Hayoung is dressed in a coordinated Ensemble. She combines a mint-colored tweed jacket with a mint-colored miniskirt split on the side with a Gingham print, which makes the Ensemble less eye-catching. Her large mint-colored hair bow matches the color scheme, while her mid-high hairstyle with side-swept bangs keeps her clean and tidy. The smart Look of the ensemble is completed by a white blouse with a Mandarin collar, layered pearl necklaces and pretty pearl nails – the antithesis of Namjoo’s dramatic earrings. From her hairstyle to her jewelry to the Conservative Silhouette of her clothes, Hayoung’s outfit is the most thoughtful preppy richness of the group.

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