Statement Accessories to Elevate Your Outfit

Do you feel like your outfit hasn’t found something when you look in the mirror? If so, opt for a Statement Accessory! Never underestimate the power of a bag, a piece of jewelry, a hair accessory or sunglasses, because it can be the Wow factor of a simple outfit. It can also be a way to reflect your tastes and personality.

We have compiled a List of versatile and timeless Accessories to help you find your next Signature piece!


Corduroy Tote Bag – minimalist design and large storage capacity make it perfect for coffee or Brunch dates! Some canvas tote bags are roomy enough to hold large books and even a laptop!

Shoulder Bag-the versatile and functional shoulder bag is always a favorite! These bags usually have built-in compartments to organize your belongings and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap to complete any Look.

Baguette Bag-the Vintage-inspired Baguette is roomy enough for everyday needs and chic enough for any occasion. Choose between crocodile grain, leatherette and soft textures.

Fanny Pack – this compact bag is ideal for hiking or adds a Streetwear vibe to your Look. Usually equipped with an adjustable strap, it can be worn in the shoulder strap or around the waist to keep your hands free.

Woven bag/straw-get ready for the beach with a light and earthy woven bag! It’s also pretty cute for picnic dates.

Mini backpack – who says backpacks are boring?Keep your cute and cool style with a mini backpack! A structured and robust backpack goes well from a day at the beach to an urban adventure.


Layered necklace-this is the perfect combination for a deep neckline! If you want to keep it simple, you can also wear each necklace as a separate piece.

Chunky Chain Necklace – the industrial feel of a chunky chain necklace enhances casual wear.

Hanging earrings-choose a delicate pair that falls under the jaw. Let them swing freely and keep them on point by pulling their hair back!

Hoop Earrings-designed to be worn every day for any occasion, these elegantly tapered hoop earrings add a subtle sparkle to your Look.

Mismatched Earrings – this mismatched pair exudes pure heavenly glamour.

Set Rings – a coordinated set of rings offers several ways to enchant your fingers. Stack a few on each hand for a trendy look or wear them individually for a discreet style.

Hair accessories

Baseball Cap – you can’t go wrong with an effortless baseball cap. Choose a simple or subtly embroidered one to give your outfit a sporty touch!

Bucket Hat-an easy way to make one of your “customizations”! Opt for a fluffy bucket hat to keep your head heat up in winter and an eye-catching tie dye for summer

Beret-choose the return of the beret and create this sophisticated Look From Emily in Paris!

Newspaper cap – a newspaper cap is as easy to style as a baseball cap, especially with earth-colored cuts. It adds a rustic touch to Blazers and thick knitwear.

Barrette and barrette – the barrette and the barrette from the 90s are probably the fastest and most elegant solution to secure these strands!

Scrunchie-this may be the only thing you need for an Insta-Ready look! A favorite in a colorful shade will make even the most untidy buns polished effortlessly. Extra points for its stretchy construction which is super soft on the strands!

Headband-keep your hair perfectly in place with a preppy and simple headband! Wear it with a ponytail for the gym or with a bridesmaid dress.


Oversized sunglasses-look like a celebrity on the way to the airport for Fashion Week! The oversized construction will surely enhance your outfit.

Tinted Rectangular Sunglasses – the rectangular frames add a lot of retro style to these sunglasses. They look even more funky with tinted lenses for a fun 90s look.

Aviator-definitely timeless glasses in which you will not contrition your investment! The classic rimless mirrored lenses of The Aviator create a captivating and long-lasting look.

Cat eye sunglasses-change your style with cat eye sunglasses! The angular shape and the bold Design will add fresh energy and playfulness to your Look.

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