Retro Summer Wardrobe Ideas for Your Sign

Are you ready for summer? The change of season is the perfect excuse for passionate buyers and trendsetters to buy new and refreshing pieces for their wardrobe. If you’re looking for inspiration to kick off your shopping clothes, read on to see what kind of retro summer aesthetic you can add to your wardrobe!

Fire Sign: “sunset”

Imagine that you are watching the sunset all over the world. Now imagine your outfit in these lush sunset tones. Whether the pieces are in bold prints, vibrant patterns or a gradient that matches your favorite landscape, summer is the time of year when you can embrace your elemental colors with pride!

You can also try: patterns and prints are not up your alley? Break the hustle and bustle of prints by combining them with monochrome pieces. For minimalists: Try wearing sunset colors individually with a bold monochrome ensemble.

Earth Sign: “librarian”

The Preppy charm of Librarian Chic lies in its intelligent and accounting Charm that corresponds to the serious but sensual nature of the earth signs. For the summer, swap your favorite folders and your earthy colors with soft pastels! The key to nail aesthetics is to choose pieces that are not too tight. A collared blouse is the perfect entry piece because it allows for versatile style options!

You can also try: take inspiration from your local librarian’s childhood memories to channel your inner grandmother. Put your own touch on long skirts and blouses, like Sports in eccentric prints and colors.

Air Sign: “Regencycore”

If you thought the Bridgerton-inspired trend would only last one season, think again. With the announcement that the Netflix series has been renewed for three more seasons, the Regencycore phenomenon will continue for some time. All the more reason to renew your wardrobe with statement pieces worthy of a modern beginner! Join the trend with trendy summer dresses -from dramatic silhouettes to elegant cuts and elaborate patterns that match your personality.

You can also try it: for air signs that are not on the spectacular regency-inspired monoblocks, try the trend in the form of delicate hair and mother-of-pearl Accessories. They fit into your Look much easier!

Watermark: “Summer Knitting”

It can be difficult to part with the cozy and comfortable knitwear that has been your fashion must-haves in recent seasons, especially for the delicate ones who love comfort and probably suffer from a lack of knitting. Don’t worry, summer knitwear exists for this reason. It’s time to exchange your big sweaters for more airy summer alternatives!

You can also try: if you are particularly sensitive to heat and want to incorporate knitwear into your summer collection, try sleeveless tops that are light enough for the cosy months. Alternatively, knit hats and bags are a great way to style knitwear in your outfit without having to go completely over knitwear.

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