Recreating the Old Look

The popular fashion pieces of the 90s, once considered old-fashioned and unsightly, are reborn and are being worn again. Driven by Nostalgia, trendsetters on Pinterest and Instagram are going back in time and inventing ways to combine retro trends with modern wardrobes. Keep scrolling to review some iconic outfits from the 90s and learn the most important pieces you need to get the Look!

The Grunge Look

Back and better than ever, the Grunge Look was popular in the early 90s.The style may have started out as an Anti-Fashion statement, but it has become a fashion staple for anxious teenagers and has even appeared on the catwalks. Channel your rebellious interior:

Oversized band tea or graphic tea: this Rock and Roll essential has strongly shaped today’s Streetwear. Stick to monochrome tones and an oversized cut. For extra warmth, layer it over a long-sleeved top in a contrasting color.

Oversized flannel shirt: This piece should never be out of the equation. The flannel shirt plays an important role in the Grunge trend of the 90s and gives the Look a casual atmosphere.

Ripped jeans: Ripped Jeans started as a subcultural trend before gradually entering traditional Fashion. Choose obviously troubled Jeans to really nail the Grunge Look.

Thick action boots: The heavy shoes first used by the army were adopted by the Gothic, metallic and Grunge subcultures. These boots are now visible everywhere, from the catwalks to the closets of the “It” girls. Choose a pair to instantly take your outfit to a whole new level!

The Hip-Hop Look

No one wore colored threads better than the fresh Prince of Bel-Air! From tracksuits and Zuba pants to high tops and caps on the back, Will Smith popularized many vibrant and iconic Streetwear looks in the Classic 90s Sitcom. To create a Hip-Hop Look that resembles the Fresh Prince, you will need:

Coveralls: Originally worn by carpenters, painters, mechanics, factory workers and farmers, these useful work clothes have evolved over time to become a durable but fashionable garment of choice. Keep it simple, elegant and comfortable with a classic Denim piece!

Colorful shirt or blouse: a bright color palette is an important highlight of 90s Fashion. In terms of color choices, the sky is the limit! Choose a shirt with a bright color or pattern – especially yellow, Orange and green to add to the nostalgic feeling – so you can look as fresh as the fresh prince himself!

High-end canvas sneakers: The high tops you’ve had since high school may be one of your best fashion investments. You can always return to this faithful Couple. All you need is a well-fitting monochrome pair to match the old-school Hip-Hop look!

The modern preppy look

The preppy Look became famous in 1995 thanks to the movie Cluelessback. Dear Horowitz taught us to look incredibly chica matching plaid set. The plaid look is also preferred by many haute couture designers, so the trend remains here. Instead, bring a cute and preppy look back with only:

Matching plaid set: A set of coordinates can be worn as is, which makes styling easier. Grab one in bright colors or prints to stand out from the crowd.

Mary Janes with over-the-knee socks: Mary Janes stands out with a strap on the front sheet and stands out again at the top of the shoes not only with her charming design, but also with her versatility. A bright pair of MJ paired with over-the-knee socks will add a sophisticated touch to your Look.

The Punk Rock Look

Browse through the images of punk fashion from the 90s and you will find many leather jackets, pleated miniskirts and frayed tops. With Stars like Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder reinventing the Punk look, this counterculture style became popular in the 90s, especially among teenagers. Embrace the punk spirit of the 90s and create the Look with:

Faux Leather jacket: the Black biker jacket is a must to get the Punk look. Keep it simple or customize it with lapel pins, chains, rivets or even splashes of acrylic paint.

Skinny jeans: Choose a pair with unique seams and agitated details to add extra Punk Rock points to the outfit.

Oversized long-sleeved plaid shirt: no 90s outfit is complete without checks! You can either slip it under your leather jacket or tie it around your waist.

Platform boots: Look for a good pair of big platform shoes! They can be a pain to break, but they enhance almost any outfit with cool angular vibes.

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