Matching to Recreate Oh My Girl Refreshing Summer Looks

On May 10th, OH MY GIRL releases her eighth EP Dear OhMyGirl with the first single Dun Dun Dance. The nu Disco track clip presents a Sci-Fi inspired scenario in which the K-Pop group exists in a Dimension between reality and a supernatural world. The clip takes place mainly in a vast meadow with a mountainous background, but we also see the girls participating in a range of summer activities, ranging from visits to the beach, greenhouses and arcades to convertible and karting races. The occasional sighting of a UFO and various static holograms imbues the otherwise sunny Clip with a secret air.

In fashion, I will highlight two main group outfits, as well as a Solo outfit of each member. Presenting an unexpected juxtaposition, the outfit of the first group combines sophisticated mini-dresses and pearl jewelry with casual pieces such as ripped jeans, oversized T-shirts, baseball caps and colorful sneakers. The outfit of the second group consists mainly of Denim pieces decorated with bear prints and bow accents. The members’ Solo outfits are traditionally feminine and include floral prints, coordinated ensembles and A-line silhouettes.

Despite the mix of glamor, sports, girl next door and soft energies, the overall style of the Dun Dun Dance music video is surprisingly coherent, fresh and portable. Take a page of how OH MY GIRL uses side-by-side and repetitive patterns to give your summer wardrobe a makeover with the existing basics!

Clothes #1

The first outfits that highlight the duality of the girls represent both sides of a fun Disco party, whether in LBD Glamour or in casual outfits to dance comfortably all night long!

Jiho and Seunghee wear black spaghetti straps with a straight collar, while Hyojung wears a playful one-shoulder version with ruffled accents. Binnie also opts for a one-shoulder dress, but in light sapphire with ruffles along the entire length. She combines the dress with a navy sapphire blazer to enhance the chic atmosphere. Arin’s set for girls consists of a sleeveless top with white ruffles and a black skirt with a flap with gold buttons.

At the other end of the spectrum, Mimi is wearing an oversized white T-Shirt with the iconic Versace logo. YooA rocks the sporty atmosphere in an all-sapphire outfit consisting of a square tank top, ripped jeans at the knee and a baseball cap.

For Accessories, opt for each neat and elegant Pearl. Jiho, Arin and YooA have matching pearl necklaces, Seunghee has a pearl bracelet on each wrist, while Hyojung has the option of being thicker and Mimi adorns her ears with pearl earrings. The beaded notes go perfectly with the Jiho, Seunghee and Hyojung LBDs, but they add an unexpected juxtaposition to Mimi and YooA’s daily outfit. In addition to pearls, arin also includes black hair clips for a sweet touch.

For another side effect that instantly transforms the outfits into Streetwear, the members complete their Looks with large sneakers in rich shades of sapphire, green, red and pink.

Clothes #2

For the second set of outfits, the members of OH MY GIRL are all dressed in Jeans – but with a sweet touch of bear! The Dun Dun dance teaser features a teddy bear in space, the mini-album is available in DUN Dun BEAR and OMG BEAR versions, and a giant Grizzly bear appears in the music video. Therefore, it is normal that girls also honor this character with their outfits!

Bargain and Mimi are both wearing white T-shirts with a short printed teddy bear, while Seunghee is in a white container with a printed teddy bear. They also complement each other with adorable gummy necklaces in different colors! In addition, bear prints can be found on Hyojung’s denim shorts and Arin’s jeans.

If you don’t like the Ornamentkitsch, opt for Kingdom Jeans staples, such as the skirt-pants from the wet bargain, chic peasant overalls Jiho and the short fringed hem jacket in YooA.

Besides the bear prints, another recurring motif is The Bow. YooA dons a black camisole under her denim jacket, while Arin wears a Baby Pink version. When the girls turn around, we see the sweet bows on their backs, like on Jiho’s jumpsuit and Mimi’s shorts! Hyojung’s light yellow loose-fitting T-Shirt is also embellished with a tie on the back.

For hair accessories, the links opt for sapphire, which matches Denim outfits, as seen on Hyojung’s headband, Binnie’s hair elastic and Yooa’s hairpins. They are wearing sneakers again, but with a Matchy-Matchy handle-all of them are wearing long white double-striped socks and b/W sneakers with brown soles. Both are classic preppy sporty choices that complement tried-and-true jeans.

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