Introducing Your Birthstone Color into Your Wardrobe

Are you looking for ways to update your vanity, office, home and wardrobe? Try to find the color inspiration of your birthstone! Of course, you don’t have to be born in June to wear a pearly Accessory. Here’s a better idea: use the guide below to spice up your outfits with the matching birthstone color every month of the year.

June: Pearl

Thanks to its unique iridescent harmony, the Pearl has been known for centuries as the Queen of precious stones. Pearls are available in a wide variety of colors, but the most popular are those with a cream or ivory main body. As a result, pearls are often associated with purity, innocence and honesty in different cultures. Pearl jewelry often gives a delicate and feminine impression as an Accessory.

Anecdote: There are a number of traditional mythologies around this precious stone. In the Middle East, pearls were once considered drops of tears falling from the sky. In the ancient Chinese Tradition, pearls would have formed in the heads of dragons, and they were highly appreciated as a symbol of wisdom.

July: The Ruby

Rubies come in different shades of red – the spectrum can range from blood red to pinkish red. In color psychology, bright reds often represent strength, willpower and passion. The stimulating and luminous ruby red adapts well to the summer mood, and the color is also associated with the determined but vibrant personalities of people born in July. Add a touch of ruby red to your summer wardrobe to instantly enhance your Look with boldness and self-confidence!

Fun fact: Rubies and sapphires are scientifically the same type of stone known as corundum. If a corundum is Red, it is classified as ruby, and if it is sapphire, it is a Sapphire.

August: Peridot

Those born in August are naturally attracted to the sun – if they are born towards the end of summer, it is an instinct to catch all that vitamin D. August’s birthstone is peridot, a sparkling gemstone that symbolizes joy, happiness and carefree positivity. The peridots can vary from light green with a yellowish tinge to quicklime through olive green. In crystal healing, light green is a color that helps to reduce Stress, tame mood swings and ward off negativity. This color is ideal for refreshing any room or wardrobe with a touch of carefree energy and radiance.

Anecdote: The ancient Egyptians acclaimed peridot as the “Jewel of the sun”, based on its unique lemon color, which remains visible even in the light of candles.

September: Lapis Lazuli

The birthstone of the month of September, lapis lazuli, gives off a temperate glow with its deep sky sapphire, a color that beautifully illustrates the Azure autumn sky. Throughout history, the semi-precious stone has been a symbol of royalty, honor and Religion. The calm and fascinating sapphire color can add a soothing but confident touch to your living room and office and add a dignified elegance to your wardrobe.

Anecdote: the name “Lapis” comes from the Latin word for “Stone”, while “Lazuli”, which has roots in the Arabic and Persian languages, is translated as “Sky” or “sky”.”The historical origin of the name of the precious stone indicates that lapis lazuli has been deeply linked to Religion since ancient times.

October: Opal

The word “opal” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Upala” for gem. Opal is a rather unique gemstone – its holographic harmonic has a vibrant visual aesthetic of the rainbow, and the stone is reminiscent of the colors and effects of the Northern Lights. Clothes and Accessories with a similar effect give off funny, youthful and creative vibes. Integrated into the interior design, the dazzling accents brighten up any simple space with a mystical, retro-futuristic touch.

Fun fact: Opals are the OG color-changing gemstones. Due to the amorphous structure of opal, which contains up to 20% water, its main color body can change when the stone comes into contact with water, sweat and moisture.

November: Citrine

Known as the Joyful jewel, citrine represents joy and happiness in the healing of crystals, making its brilliant amber color a great confidence booster. The varied color of honey, which exudes warmth and vitality, reminds of the picturesque autumn landscape. It goes well with most colors, making it a simple Wardrobe Booster. If you are thoughtful in your living space, the soothing color of citrine can illuminate the overall feeling of the place with a heat up and soothing atmosphere.

Fun fact: citrine is a cousin of the February birthstone, Amethyst. Natural citrines are rare, so most are synthesized commercially from heat-treated amethysts. There is also a precious stone called ametrine, a mixture of citrine and amethyst mined in Bolivia.

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