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Aside from Tie-Dye tops, what is another trendy fashion piece that is worth trying on this summer? Cut-out Lace! The burning time is a Chance to expose a little skin with taste. Now that social events are slowly returning, we can finally take off the WFH and Zoom meeting clothes and enhance our Look with a fresh cut-out top!

The cut-out tops are deconstructed with unconventional cutouts or strategically positioned on the back, arms, Neckline, legs or central handle to subtly expose different parts of the body. Treat yourself to this exciting summer trend and recreate your favorite ensemble from our current fashion menu!

Breakfast set

Don’t know where to start? The easiest way to dip your toe into the cut-out trend is a simple Long-sleeved Crop Top with a turtleneck and a neckline! Replace your sagging sweatpants with khaki pants with cufflinks for a cool and useful look. Enhance the Look with Accessories such as a layered necklace and a crocodile handbag. Finally, a pair of high-top sneakers in dark green canvas adds a casual atmosphere to the mix.

Lunch Set

Create a sophisticated and earthy daytime look without sacrificing comfort. When the temperature rises, the last thing you want is to be sweaty! A cut-out camisole with linen trousers is a reliable summer combination. The light and airy fabric with additional cut-out details around the waist makes you feel comfortable and stylish. Bring some glamour with golden Accessories like chain bracelets and a beige bucket bag. Don a straw hat and slip on a minimal pair of woven sheets for a contemporary finish.

Tea set

Integrate the cutting trend perfectly into your wardrobe by opting for something that looks like what you already own. Add style to your daily Rotation with this plaid neckline crop top-an improved version of your favorite blouse, but much more angular. Pair it with high-waisted denim shorts and store all your essentials in a spacious Hobo shoulder bag. You can also wear a pair of hair clips for extra preppy appeal. Add a touch of street style to your Look with platform sneakers and socks.

Tableware set

Get ready to receive compliments in this retro jumpsuit! It may be a little more revealing compared to other Ensembles, but it has the perfect mix of vintage and current trends in one outfit. The eye-catching green color and eye-catching details of this crew neck halter crop top easily make a statement. Improve your styling skills by wearing the top with patterned Bootcut pants. To perfectly imitate the 1900s look, accessorize it with black retro sunglasses and a Denim shoulder bag. Go for it with a pair of short white pointed toe boots for a refined atmosphere.

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