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Corsets are back and are more wearable than ever! The restrictive structure of corsets can make them uncomfortable to wear and difficult to comb, but they also help to shape an hourglass figure by slimming the waist and accentuating the hips and chest. Celebrities and trendsetters, not to mention the Netflix series Bridgerton, have popularized the corset in different ways, persuading many to jump on the trend.

Try on the four sets in the fashion menu to find out what it’s like to wear a Victorian-style corset – but with a modern twist!

Breakfast set

To instantly create a stunning silhouette, contrast a silky corset top with black faux leather bootcut trousers. This power duo achieves a slimming effect that increases the heat. Complete it with a gray knitted shrug when it’s cold and marry your Look with large platform loafers, delicate earrings and a semicircular shoulder bag.


If you are new to the corsets trend, you can play it safe with a black mesh corset top, because this is the easiest way to make things a little better. Pair it with elegant straight trousers. To keep the Man-woman Look, put on an oversized Blazer and a pair of velvet pumps with black heels for more sharpness. Add a little sparkle with a faux pearl collar and a clutch decorated with subtle silver details.

Tea set

If you like to wear pastel pieces, this set is for you! Pair the spring look with a pastel green floral bodice and replace your usual Athleisure bottoms with white Baggy jeans. Keep the Palette consistent with a cropped cardigan and hairpins of a suitable color. Finally, a pair of versatile white flat sneakers and a round knitted shoulder bag complete the Look!

Tableware set

A blouse with bare shoulders and a corset belt with lacing is an excellent interpretation of the Victorian Corset. Contrast the eye-catching top with your shiny washed skinny jeans and your white sandals with kitten heels. Tip to enhance this casual look a little: accessorize it with a Faux pearl pearl necklace, a rhinestone alloy headband and a faux leather handbag.

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