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Let’s all admit that we have recently started living in comfortable and fluffy pants rather than tight skinny pants! What makes the 70s Bootcut pants so adorable is that they are comfortable to wear and slim your Waist.

If you are a nostalgic dresser and you are always experimenting with your style, it’s time to try these pants! Unlike the more obvious flared trousers, the slightly flared leg of the Bootcut trousers is much easier to style and wear for different occasions.

Do you still feel safe? Take a Moment to discover the retro Looks of the 70s in the four Bootcut sets of our fashion card!


overcome the city effortlessly in this chic sporty jumpsuit! Pair your slightly faded jeans with a V-neck Crop Top in the shape of a color block. The subtle patterns of the two pieces exude a cool girl’s energy. Even better? Put on a pair of white platform canvas sneakers! Finally, you will be interested in a Denim baseball cap, a spacious mesh tote bag and a holographic mesh scrunchie (to adorn your wrist)!

Lunch Set

Brown is the new black! Pair Bootcut trousers with a color block and an attractive lace trim for a sophisticated look that is easy to achieve. Embellish it with Accessories such as a beige bucket hat, a pair of dangling earrings and a dark brown faux leather bag.This is an outfit that you won’t want to take off even at the end of the day!

Tea set

Are you going to a special place for tea? Let these two-tone Bootcut pants become the focal point of your outfit! Highlight the eye-catching colors with a sleeveless white ribbed bodysuit. The frayed hems of the pants add a touch of insolence, while the Bodysuit perfectly defines your curves! If you are more into the square grunge style, a pair of chunky platform boots and a faux leather fanny pack are the perfect finish. You can also tie your hair into an effortless messy bun with a matching claw.

Dinner Together

How to make a pair of casual, worn-out Bootcut Jeans cute for a date night? Wear a sparkling soft pink camisole! Also enhance the Look with a floral print headband and a white fur Hobo bag. Then, keep the attention with a pair of ultra-delicate pearl earrings and minimalist square-heeled sandals!

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