Dreamy Wardrobe Ideas Inspired by Spring Movies

Summer is coming! But before diving into the season of sun and surf, replenish this last spring energy by indulging in a maovie Marathon that captures the best of this dreamlike season! Whether it’s a burgeoning friendship group set against the backdrop of Sakura flowers, a hopeful coming-of-age story or simply a story told in soft pastels and Lo-Fi rhythms, we have style ideas for you that suit you! From trendy color blocking to reliable flower twists, here are five spring wardrobes that will transition into summer. Read on for all the flirty silhouettes and vibrant styles!

1. Bambi-flowers or nothing

Full of heat up and fuzzy vibes and crushes, Bambi is one of the most popular spring movies of all time. The Disney classic is a coming-of-age story and an Ode to nature, full of flowers, talking animals and lush forest scenes. Revisiting Bambi, you will want to take off the last of your winter layers and slip into your S/S wardrobe, which requires nothing less than flowers in different styles. Indeed, what else does spring say that is as haunting as this ongoing trend?

I chose bright flowers for the fashionable adventurers, delicate flowers to mix and match and Floral Accessories for more punch. The Palette is bright and bright, with occasional stripes of tropical colors – a harbinger of the coming summer.

2. pride and prejudice-Regencycore minimized

No Spring festival would be complete without a Jane Austen adaptation, and the 2005 Version of pride and Prejudice is one of the most popular among Fans. If Bridgerton is all about summer bragging, pride and Prejudice is all about spring energy. With many of Austen’s iconic accents (from romantic courtship dialogues to funny jokes to cleverly hidden passion), the film is also full of panoramic views of the English countryside, the backdrop for budding love. If you feel like revisiting how Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy found her way to a happy ending, you’re probably ready to take your spring wardrobe in a Victorian direction. For a modern version of Country Girl chic, treat yourself to shiny fabrics, a floating and rich waist before adding a touch of richness such as a rhinestone necklace or pearl earrings.

3. Flower delivery Kiki-cute and gothic

There’s just something about coming-of-age movies that scream spring. The same goes for the Cottagecore trend, with its rustic atmosphere, natural references and incredibly soft aesthetics. Cleverly blending the two themes with a magical twist, Studio Ghibli’s 1989 Classic Kiki’s delivery service follows teenage heroine Kiki as she flies the nest to become a well-trained witch. Her everyday outfit – a loose black dress enlivened by an oversized red bow on her head-is one of the most iconic of the Anime. Here, I mix Kawaii with a Gothic touch to create a spring ensemble that can be found mainly in Kiki’s signature red and black Palette.

4. Booksmart-naughty and preppy

Centered on two super-academic high school misfits who decide to party before graduation, The Gem Booksmart 2019 is a teen comedy populated by imperfect but decent people rather than mean girls and stupid Jocks. It comes with a lot of Inspo style, from effortlessly chic jumpsuits to sequined evening dresses. Are you a fan of the positive energy of the film, the jewel-toned Palette and the sweet coming-of-age story? Then add some of the inimitable styles of the characters, ranging from bright and shiny to retro grunge and discreet preppy. Feel free to mix and match as you like − there’s nothing like a kitschy 90s-style T-Shirt to brighten up a set of Blazer Shorts!

5. a silent voice-soft silhouettes in watercolor aesthetics

People say that autumn is the perfect season to reflect, but the time of the river just before summer is also a time for serious introspection. If you are looking for something in a minor key that is ultimately hopeful, look no further than the 2016 animated film a Silent Voice. Rendered in a soft pastel palette but without punches when it comes to exploring serious topics like bullying and loneliness, the teen drama is as dreamy as it is harsh. The scenes of Sakura flowers and Koi ponds will delight you, and the gentle, meditative mood of the film can inspire you to reflect and re-evaluate your life. To keep its delicate charms in fashion pieces, I paired a fluid chiffon shirt with clothes like a camisole and ribbed Minis before finishing the Look with a knitted scrunchie and a two-tone backpack.

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